CH 10

  USB headset charger (stand+charging cable) for DW and SD Series is designed as alternatives to base station charging – especially suitable for desk sharing or in shift work environments such as emergency centers or call centers
 â–º Charging time: Only 1 &1/2 hour with dedicated external power supply (400 mA)
 â–º Charging time: 3 hours when connected to Sennheiser MCH 7 multi-USB power source
 â–º Multiple mounting options: Single, stand-alone charger on a desk
 â–º Multiple mounting options: Cascaded, side by side
 â–º Multiple mounting options: Wall mounted, where space is limited
Connector : USB
Cable length : 170 cm / 5.58 ft when mounted in charger stand
Weight : 220 g / 7.76 oz
Charging time : 100 m a: 3 h
Charging time : 400 m a: 1½ h
Current consumption : 100 mA when powered from standard USB power supplies
  : 400 mA when powered from supplies which follow “USB Battery Charging standard V1.2”